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Player's Choice (#9136) You Pick 5!

Item Number.9136

Player's Choice (#9136) You Pick 5!
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Choose 5 of your favorite spreads to create your own "Players Choice".

Pick up 5 of one flavor, or mix and match ANY combination of your personal favorites to make your very own "Players Choice"

Choose from:

"King of Clubs" (Cheddar)

"Queen of Clubs" (Swiss Almond)

"Jack of Clubs" (Pepper Jack)

"Ten of Clubs" (Yellow Horseradish)

"Nine of Clubs" (Port Wine)

"Eight of Clubs" (Garlic)

Beer Cheese Spread 

White Horseradish Spread

Bacon Cheddar 14oz. Spread

Smoked Cheddar 14oz. Spread

*All flavors are 16oz., unless otherwise noted

Price: $39.99

Choose up to 5 of your favorite spreads:
Player's Choice (#9136) You Pick 5!
Average rating:
18 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Player's Choice (#9136) You Pick 5!
5 cheeses
Ordered these cheese spreads for my niece's family get-together for Thanksgiving in another state. They were a hit as they were easily spreadable on any kind of cracker so.....I ordered/tried 5 different ones for my own party this month. All were enjoyed by my cheese loving friends : King of Clubs Sharp Cheddar Spread Pepper Jack Cheese Spread Bacon Cheddar Cheese Garden Vegetable Cheese White Horseradish Cheese Not a bad one in the bunch, so enjoy !!

Featured negative reviews:

Player's Choice (#9136) You Pick 5!
Not sure if worth the wait
I placed an order on April 8 but didn't even recieve it until the 21st. Almost two weeks for the shipping costs you pay doesn't make it worth the wait. Could easily get like cheese locally without dealing with long turn around times. Great cheese but customer satisfaction still needs improvement.
Featured positive reviews