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Q: What is your holiday shipping schedule for 2022?

A: We ship UPS and will follow their shipping schedule this holiday season. Please plan accordingly. Click here to see the holiday shipping schedule.

Q: Can I send my items to a P.O. Box?

A: No, for multiple reasons:

1) We use UPS as a carrier and they do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

2) Our products are perishable and need to be refrigerated ESPECIALLY in warmer climates (where the temperatures go above 70 degrees). This will shorten the life of the products and if they are sitting in a Post Office, un-refrigerated, we can not guarantee our product.

Q: What if my cheese becomes moldy?

A: Under normal conditions merely wash off the cheese with warm to hot water or scrape / cut off the moldy portions, as the remainder of the cheese is still edible.

Q: What if cheese remains un-refrigerated for an extended period of time (5 days or more), is it still good?

A: Yes. It's good practice to keep the cheese refrigerated when it's not going to be consumed, however if you place the cheese in the refrigerator for a few hours it will be O.K. to eat, under most circumstances.

Q: How long can cheese sit out without being wrapped up?

A: Cheese will dry out and develop a rind that is easily removed. Simply cut away any dried pieces and wrap the rest for later.

Q: Can cheese and sausage be frozen?

A: Yes. Cheese and smoked sausage will hold up under normal refrigeration for a period of 1-3 months. They can be frozen for 3-4 months, but the key is thawing them out. They should be placed in refrigeration when being thawed. If you leave them out of refrigeration to thaw, then cheese will become gritty while sausage tends to become soft and mushy.

Q: Why do Swiss Cheese packages sometimes swell or expand?

A: Swiss cheese enzymes continually release gases, even after being processed. The packages are sealed and trap the gases inside, causing them to swell and enlarge. It is normal for Swiss products to do this and rest assured, the cheese is still edible! Temperature changes also affect Swiss and the gases it emits, so try to keep your Swiss cheese in a relatively consistent temperate environment in order to keep it from emitting gas and swelling. Lastly, Swiss will continue to age produce a stronger Swiss taste and nuttier flavor over time.

Q: Why did my recipient get a different gift than what I ordered?

A: Mars' Cheese Castle reserves the right to substitute products, if and when it is necessary. We will only substitute a product of equal or greater value than what has been ordered. This circumstance does not happen frequently because we try to provide 100% fulfillment of all orders. However, when it does, we will insure that the item we substitute will be within the same price range and flavor profile as the item you ordered.

Q: What if I only receive part of my order?

A: In some circumstances we may ship your order in more than one package, so please refer to your e-mail confirmation that states your number of packages shipped. If your shipment is split, please wait (1) one business day for it to arrive.

Q: What if I STILL only received part of my order?

A: Please contact us @ 800-655-6147