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King of Clubs - 5lb Plastic Tub (#8135)

Item Number.8135

King of Clubs - 5lb Plastic Tub (#8135)
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“King of Clubs” Cheddar Cheese Spread is famous for its full-bodied, robust flavor.

It’s our own private blend, and perfect with crackers or cocktail chips, or spread on a sandwich! Enjoy this famous spread-exclusively from Mars.

Price: $42.99

King of Clubs - 5lb Plastic Tub (#8135)
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Featured positive reviews:

King of Clubs - 5lb Plastic Tub (#8135)
5 pounds of cheese is never too much!
The most glorious thing about Mats is that it is a castle. That had a bar. That has big tubs of spread cheese and crackers for snick snacks. Now you can have that magical experience in the comfort of your own home when you buy a big tub of their signature King of Clubs spread cheese!

Although available in various sizes, go big or go home. If they made a 55 gallon drum of this stuff I'd probably buy it.

But (or butt) beware. Too much cheese can bind you up. So pace yourself. You dont want your delightful cheese experience to be ruined by constipation caused by over-indulgence of this product.

It is rumored that the government wanted to put a warning on the container saying "more addictive than heroin, cigarettes, and the 1997 hit song MMMBop by Hanson, combined. But that rumor has not been confirmed. Yet.
Featured positive reviews