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King of Clubs - 18oz Crock (#8132)

Item Number.8132

King of Clubs - 18oz Crock (#8132)
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“King of Clubs” Cheddar Cheese Spread is famous for its full-bodied, robust flavor.

It’s our own private blend, and perfect with crackers or cocktail chips, or spread on a sandwich!

Enjoy this famous spread-exclusively from Mars.

Price: $29.99

King of Clubs - 18oz Crock (#8132)
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King of Clubs - 18oz Crock (#8132)
A Classic
My love of this cheese spread dates back to the 1960's when my grandfather's company was based in Kenosha. I'm sure he discovered it back as far as the 1950's. It was a staple in our family since those days. Now my teenage son asked the other day ...... "where's that cheese?" Pleased to know the tradition will live on !
Featured positive reviews