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Chocolate Cheese Fudge - 14oz. (#9803)

Item Number.9803

Chocolate Cheese Fudge - 14oz. (#9803)
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As featured on The Sandwich King (feat. Jeff Mauro), chocolate cheese fudge began as an experiment that is now a staple of our everyday inventory.

Super-creamy, rich and velvety, this fudge is made with Havarti whey and is perfectly decadent for your dessert platter. Once you try it, you will be a believer in the resounding excellence that is this cheese.

OR... We have a more traditional option made with Swiss whey and walnuts. 

Both options come in 14oz sizes.

Price: $19.99

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Chocolate Cheese Fudge - 14oz. (#9803)
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Chocolate Cheese Fudge - 14oz. (#9803)
Best Cheese Around!
I love the Chocolate Fudge Cheese! I cannot digest regular fudge, but the chocolate cheese gives me absolutely no problems. I love to purchase this when I come in!!!
Featured positive reviews