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2 Authentic Danish Kringles (#8004)

Item Number.8004

2 Authentic Danish Kringles (#8004)
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Rich and flavorful, these Kringles are the ultimate in Danish Pastry.

And they're baked with only the finest Wisconsin ingredients to give them the Scandinavian home-baked flavor and goodness that everyone loves so well. This special pastry gift includes two Kringles. Guaranteed to arrive fresh. Select from:

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2 Authentic Danish Kringles (#8004)
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2 Authentic Danish Kringles (#8004)
Smile in every bite
We ordered the Kringles to enjoy over the holidays and they did not disappoint! We ordered an almond and cheese, and each bite was fabulous. You get a great mix of sweet filling with perfect flakey buttery pastry, and a little delightful frosting kick. It's amazing. If I can't be at the Mars Cheese Castle, this is the next best thing!! So so happy they ship to California!!
Featured positive reviews