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10 yr sharp cheddar (#102015)

Item Number.102015

10 yr sharp cheddar (#102015)
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The most exclusive cheese item we have to offer!

Behold the magnificence of this rare cheese. A mystique that has earned its name as "Super-Sharp Cheddar Cheese", this 10-year-old aged cheddar has been carefully aged by Wisconsin artisan cheese makers to bring you the finest cheese the state has to offer. It is guaranteed to please even the finickiest of cheese snobs.

Choose 1lb. of either white or yellow 10yr old Super-sharp aged cheddar

Price: $29.99

10 yr sharp cheddar (#102015)
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10 yr sharp cheddar (#102015)
Just one more bite, please...
We first visited Mars Cheese Castle in 2003 while in WI for H-D Anniv. We stumbled upon 8yr Cheddar and could not stop licking our lips. Well, forget about it now that we have received our order of 10yr! There is the slightest crystalline bit in this melt in your mouth creamy cheese. We finished it in a weekend, with a little help from out friends, and I am placing my "back-up" order today.
Thank you for having on-line ordering so we can continue to enjoy your cheese in NC. Your cheese is outstanding and totally and legally addictive - we are totally spoiled and can never go back to grocery "plastic" cheese.
BTW...we also love our MCC Snow Globe!
Featured positive reviews